Virginia City

Virginia City was a stagecoach stop on the route from Dillon to Bozeman (and on the way back). My great-great-grandfather had to spend the night because they had missed their connecting stagecoach. [Read more here]

I arrived in Virginia City during the evening, after a busride from Salt Lake City to Dillon and a pick up by my hotel, as there is no public transport to Virginia City.
Virginia City is a historic town with only a couple hundret inhabitans. The city was founded because Gold was found in the area and it was once the capital of the Montana Territory. Today, the historic town lives from tourism in the summer.

Otto has been here!
Walking the streets of Virginia City was special for me because most of the houses on the main street were actually standing when my great-great-grandfather came through – so he has seen mostly the same that I saw now. I found the location of the Madison House Hotel on the west end of town, where Otto had spend the night in August 1881. The building had burned down, but I was able to find a picture of the Hotel at the Library.

Many of the houses hold restaurants and shops today, but almost every other house has a historic display of their former usage: shops, blacksmiths, barber etc. In Virginia City, I felt absolutely right in place walking around in my dress, which only became more aparent when I walked into a former sewing shop displaying victorian fashion.

As Otto went on a little hike on the sourrounding hills, so did I – however in a car. The last thing I wanted to do is hiking in a vitorian dress on a hot summer day.

Victorian Ball
I had planned my visit to Virginia City on this particular weekend because I knew there was a victorian ball happening! In the afternoon of the day, a dance class was offered to learn the historic dances that were later danced at the ball. Before the grand ball started, a parade through Virginia City showed off the beautiful outfits from every attendee. The parade ended with the great entrance into the ballroom whereupon we immediately started our great dances.

The live band played beautiful dance tunes and spectators were able to watch from above. We danced all night long and enjoyed a dinner-buffet and lemonades. Then, I initiated a group-photo with all these beautifully dressed people before we parted our ways back to the present-day.

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