To the new world

On May 10th the day of the departure was finally there. After a short night we got up at 5 a.m. to walk down to the harbour to see Queen Mary 2 arrive. At 5:48 a.m. she became visible and direclty behind her, Queen Elizabeth arrived at the Port of Southampton.

After a long breakfast at the hotel (and the upload of the timelaps video) I put on my dress, ready for departure. At the Ocean Terminal, the luggage was dropped outside at various check points according to your room’s deck number. Inside the Terminal we received a coloured embarkation card (we had a green B), and were put to wait until our colour and letter was called – which took about 2.5 hours. So there we were, waiting in this sticky Ocean Terminal (with no Wifi) and bright sunshine outside. As I almost fainted in my dress, I went back outside to take some last pictures of the ship from the front. Meanwhile, quiet some passengers had ask me when I would perform on the ship, thinking I was part of the crew.

When we finally were called up and went through check-in (where we received our little plastic cards which function as door key and payment method on the ship), I was slightly afraid of the security check (metal in corset!), but fortunately I did not have to undress.

Via the winding gangway we stepped on the Queen Mary 2 into the grand Lobby. We quickly found our room on deck 4 (including some cool sparkling wine waiting for us), but went directly up on deck 12 to watch the departure. We didn’t leave for another hour (and an emergency excercise), but finally we were moving!

4 thoughts on “To the new world

  1. Ursula Howland says:

    Hi Sibylle,
    I heard about your travels from a friend of mine who knew I am living in Bozeman since 1990. (And I grew up in Stuttgart.) Here in Bozeman are quite a few families with ties to Germany. (A couple of years ago, I translated some letters that were written in Sütterlin for a local family and they discovered a secret about their ancestors.)
    I would love to be able to welcome you to Bozeman when the time comes.
    Also, friends of mine in Wisconsin will gladly meet up with you if it would be convenient for you.
    Best wishes for your trip ahead and thank you for sharing it with us.
    Ursula Howland

    1. Sibylle says:

      Looking forward to meet!!!

  2. Richard Horne says:

    Good evening Sibylle,

    Glad to see you departed and arrived in the USA. I see you enjoyed the passage. I enjoyed the video clip of the ship arriving at Southampton.

    I will send some photo of the ship departing.
    Best regards
    P.S. I was he chap you were talking to at six in the morning at the end of the pier. Until next time.

    1. Sibylle says:

      Hi Richard,
      thank you very much! Pics of the ship’s departure would be great!
      Cheers from Kansas City!

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