Start of the journey 1880

Otto Dahl’s journey to Amerika, Part 1

The actual motive for this journey was a severe dispute with my father, who told me shortly and succinctly that I should go to America and to earn my bread from foreign people, just like my younger brother Rudolf. It was agreed upon, that the Dahls were pigheads. Without answering, I decided to obey to the request to leave the father’s house at the soonest possible.

With an agent from the North German Lloyd, I agreed upon the steamship “Donau” leaving Bremerhaven on the 5th of December 1880 for my crossing. About 14 days before, my father left for a business trip to southern Germany, but before we had a serious conversation, during which he promised me the entrance to the business as a partner. Meanwhile, I held on to my decision, during which I hoped to increase my technical knowledge of the leather preparation.  My father wanted to be back before my departure scheduled on December 4th. However, his return was delayed – I should not see him again.

On December 4th, I boarded the train leaving at 10:07 to Bremen after a happy goodbye from realtives and friends, who had accompanied me to the station. When I passed the company’s grounds in “the Höfen”, my older brother Adolf waved goodbye while his big boarhound Cäsar ran by the train barking loudly. I arrived in Bremen o the afternoon at six and checked in at the Hotel Schaper. In the evening I went to the “Bremer Ratskeller” to enjoy a parting drink in the cozy rooms which I knew from previous travels and to say goodbye to beloved friends on some postcards.

3 thoughts on “Start of the journey 1880

  1. Becky good says:

    This is fascinating to me. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Laura Herr says:

    Hi Sybille! My name is Laura – a friend of Ursula’s – and I think we will meet when you get to Bozeman! My heritage is Getman. My grandparents came to New York from Bremen around 1920. I think what you are doing is wonderful and adventurous!

    1. Sibylle says:

      Hi Laura!
      Ursula has already wrote me about you – I am looking forward very much to meet in Bozeman!
      Thank you so much!

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