How to pack when you are taking a historic dress with you!

Read here how I packed for the 6 months trip including my historic outfit with hat and umbrella.

The first question I was asked often was: “How are you transporting this dress?”. To be honest, I did not know until the very end. I already had researched a variety of suitcase-options until I went to the last fitting of the dress with my big red suitcase to transport the dress home. Then it was clear that the dress would fit into the suitcase, but not much more. I did not actually pack until two days before my departure, I think I did not dare to. But then I had to.

The dress, the dresses
At first, I packed the historic dress, as that had to come with me on the trip. As I did not want to fold the the jacked and the corset, I put them together ino a suitbag and layed them flat into the suitcase. Next was the hat in my square hatbox from IKEA, which I found thanks to the staff member Matthias. The advantage of this box is that if funktions like a packing case and is foldable. Another advantage is that a few pairs of socks fit into it. I packed the underskirt, the skirt and the gathers in my new compression packsacks, the bodice went into the packsack with the skirt. The umbrella has an own plastictube from a home improvemet store. Thanks to the detachable handle, the umbrella fits into the suitcase diagonally. The shoes went into an extra shoebag next to the hat and the bustle was compressed with an old rope. I was astonished when I realized that all this fits into one half of the suitcase. Even better, the dirndl and some other things fittet here aswell.


Clothes and shoes
After I had more packing space, the packing could finally start. Now I am actually happy with what I am taking:
3 pairs of shoes (Outdoor/running, ballerinas, flipflops) + 1 one pair for the historic dress.
Rain jacket + warm & light outdoorjacket
3 pairs of pants (Jeans, Trekkingpants (I can zip the legs off!), light summer pants
2 dresses
4 sweathers / jerseys (one nicer jacket fits my dirndl well)
several T-shirts and longsleeves
3 Leggins (for long-distance train travel, for sleeping etc).
underwear and socks
1 scarf (always good for rooms with A/C)

Technical stuff
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Microsoft provides me with this for the trip!
– iphone
– Powershot camera
– tripod
– shoulderpod (for filming and to mount the iphone onto the tripod)
– flashlight
– cables, chargers etc.

techical equipment

“office” and other travel utensils
– businesscards
– notebooks
– sketchbook & pensils
– sleeping bag, travel towel, travel wash cloth
–  inflatable neck pillow with detachable & washable cover, sleeping mask, earplugs
– water bottle
– umbrella
– 2 foldable bags – always useful

Cosmetics & medical items
– make-up etc.
– jewellery & bobby pins
– “washing bag” – toothbrush etc.
– straightener
– medical items (what I usually need during travels, plaster, common things like headache medicing, medicine for seasickness, tape–> can be very useful!)

Dresses for Queen Mary 2
As there is a dresscode on this ship, I packed a suitcase with outfits for the crossing. My mother will take that suitcase with her back from New York City.

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