Montana from above

Lone Peak expedition

The lone peak is really lonely and did remind me of the lonely mountain from the Hobbit! It is located in Big Sky, which is not too far from Bozeman – it is a giant skiresort (hint: another reason to come back), where my friends Ursula and Laura work as a ski-instructors (hint: just another reason to come back!). Ursula took us on the expedition to the peak! The first meters of altitude we climed by a chair lift, then we switched to a off-road-vehicle and finally climed to the peak with the tram – which is a gondola!

It was a picture-perfect day and after a few steps in the snow we stood at the top – 11166 ft / 3403 meters above sea level with a 360 degree stunning mountain panorama! Absolutely breathtaking – in the truest sense of the word.
On our way down we did not take the last chair lift back – but instead took a small hike down the Moose tracks which was simply beautiful and a great way to end the expedition. When we reached the starting point, we looked back up and saw the summit in the clouds – we had been very fortunate!


On my last day in Bozeman, I had the chance to see Bozeman from a very different angle: from above. My friend Ursula and her husband Greg took me on on a soaring trip across Bozeman, the Bridger Mountains and the confluence of the Missouri River in Three forks. To see the place which I have gotten so very attached to from above was absolutely absolutely incredible! And to see how far the mountains reach – in each direction – stunning! But it’s known that pictures can say more than words:

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