Farewell Bozeman

Three and a half week seemed to be plenty of time for my research in and exploration of Bozeman. But like always, time was not enough. There are still things I have on my to-do list, which only means that I have to come back. When I arrived in Bozeman so long ago, I had no clue that I would cry so hard when the time for leaving had come. I got attached to Bozeman and it’s wonderful people so much quicker and so much deeper than I had ever expected.

When my time in Bozeman came to an end, I had the feeling that my journey was over and I was going home. I had come to Bozeman and I had seen the place my great-great-grandfather had lived at 135 years ago. It seemed like my mission was over. And I was emotionally exhausted. However, there were still three and a half months ahead of me – the majority of my journey. I did think about skipping it all and staying in Bozeman, I admit it!

I also thought about why I felt so home in Bozeman, and I thought about the factors that make the difference between a destination we visit and a place we live.


One of the major factors is the routine – do we visit exciting tourism highlights every day or do we have a routine? For me, my routine was the research at the Gallatin History Museum, where I went very often and even got my coffee in the staff’s kitchen. The other routine activity (even though I only went twice) was the Bozeman Ultimate Frisbee summer league which I joined and which felt like my weekly trainings back home.


Another major factor are the people we hang out with: are those just the other travellers in the hostels we stay in or are we connection to the locals (I mean, really?)? I not only had the most wonderful host family which hosted me for the entire time (!), but also quickly connected to various people of Bozeman!

Knowing your way around

I am usually very quick in orientating in a new city, but the extent to which I knew Bozeman at the end felt like I had lived there for a while – this also added to my feeling of home for Bozeman.

I don’t think that I can yet grasph the significance of my time in Bozeman for this journey or my life, but I believe it will be grand.

One thought on “Farewell Bozeman

  1. Loretta says:

    I’m glad you had a fantastic trip! Your blog and your journey was very interesting. I didn’t realize you were staying for so long. I found it very enjoyable reading, although I didn’t post very often. I had the chance to visit my paternal grandfather’s ranch where he worked 100 years ago this summer. My hubby drove us to Three Hills Alberta, and although not as huge as a trip as what you did, it was thrilling to visit and see where my grandpa lived so long ago, and I visited other areas where he lived, and where his first wife was buried, and the museums were wonderful too! I know you will have fond memories of your amazing trip.

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