Departure for the great adventure

Finally…finally I was starting the big trip, after all the preparations. On wednesday, my mother drove me to the trainstation in my hometown Vaihingen/Enz. One would think that I would have been very emotional about my departure, however, those feelings did not come up. Maybe it was because I have been to this trainstation many many times with a suitcase, waiting for a train. Also, I knew that I would see my mother already the coming Monday, as we will cross the Atlantic together on Queen Mary 2. During the first minutes in the train I tried to realize that this was the beginning, but still, no big emotions were coming up. Only when I switched trains in Cologne and boarded my last train with the direction Wuppertal, the excitement started, as this was a new place I had not yet been to. The excitement increased when we passed the station Solingen, as this is a town often mentioned in Otto Dahl’s diary. When we finally arrived in Wuppertal, I was ready for the adventure!

Abfahrt in Vaihingen

2 thoughts on “Departure for the great adventure

  1. Klaus Umland says:

    Ich wünsche Ihnen eine glückliche Reise und vor allem Gesundheit sowie alles gute, damit Ihr Traum
    in Erfüllung geht.
    Da ich nicht gut Englisch kann, bitte auch ihre Berichte in Deutsch
    Mit freundlichem Gruß
    Klaus Umland , Bremerhaven

    1. Sibylle says:

      Hallo Herr Umland,
      vielen Dank!
      Die deutschen Artikel finden Sie, wenn Sie ganz unten auf der Seite auf die deutsche Flagge klicken!
      Beste Grüße!

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