My great-great-grandfather had only a stopover in Denver, but I decided to visit the city and my friend Katie, whom I studied with in my Master program.

Finding Barmen in Colorado
During our visit the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado, I experienced a true surprise: the founder of the Coors Brewery, Adolph Kors (later anglicized his name), a German immigrant, was born in 1847 in Barmen! The very same Barmen that my great-great-grandfather was from! So exciting, but it even got better! We got the free audioguides for the free tour including free beer (yes!) and went inside the brewery. In the great brewing hall we learned that they brew a beer called “Barmen Pilsener”, named after Adolph Kors’ birthplace. Then we learned that this beer is only available on tab in a few places in Golden and Denver (The map with the locations can be accessed here). It’s aparently so special and secret that you can’t even find anything about it on the brewery’s website…

After finishing the tour and some enjoying some free beer, we longed to find the Barmen Pilsener. We were lucky and found it at first bar we wet to, the Indulge Bistro & Wine Bar. The beer was poured from a tab with the Barmen Pilsener Logo on and in a beer glass with the logo on! I was so excited, I could not have been happier. After telling the waitress my story, she gave me the glass – was super happy and very thankful!

To finish this perfect day, we drove up to the “Lookout Mountain” where we had a wonderful view over Golden, Denver and the mountains.

Time travel in Denver
A really cool Museum to visit is the house of the famous “unsinkable Molly Brown” who survived the sinking of the Titanic in Lifeboat Nr.6. (I am sure you remember her in the movie) The house has been restored to look like the victorian times when Molly Brown lived there. About 30 per cent of the interiors are original, the rest is authentically restored with the help of old pictures of the house. It’s not only pretty to look at, but I learned that Molly Brown’s life was much more than the survival of the Titanic.

I went to my very first baseball game in Denver! It was a perfect bright sunny day, when we went to watch the Colorado Rockies versus the Pittsburg Pirates game. We got super cheap tickets, and we ended up never actually going to our seats. We started out at the very cool rooftop deck where we had a beer and Katie explained the rules of the game. The atmosphere at the rooftop was very relaxed and the view on the field and the Rocky Mountains was amazing! After a while in the sun, we started wondering around to find some good hotdogs and sat down in the shade at the other side of the field, where we watched the victory of the Colorado Rockies! I also learned a new american idiom originating from baseball: “Hit something out of the park” – which means something like “Doing something very well”.

Rocky Mountain National Park
A whole day of my Denver visit was dedicated to the Rocky Mountain National Park, which is about a 2 hour drive from Denver. We started out with walking around the Sprague Lake, a beautiful small lake which is much less crowded than the close-by famous Bear Lake. Then we drove up the Trail Ridge Road, the highest highway in the US which is only accessibly in the summer time. Driving up there, I did not feel the elevation very much, but at one of our photostops we ran across the street and were completetly exhaused and out of breath. Shortly after that, we reached the highest point of the drive at 3713 meters (12182 feet) above sea level. Unfortunately, the sign marking the highest point has been stolen several times and has not been replaced due to traffic jams and accidents at this point on the road. We had started the journey in summer heat, but up on the highway we encountered alot of snow, which was higher than we were! We continued all the way to the continental divine at the Milner Pass, where we turned around and went home.

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