Chicago-Kansas City

I left Chicago on May 29th on another Amtrak train, the Southwest Chief headed to Kansas City. Just a few minutes outside of Chicago, the midwest really unfolded. Wide open spaces with verdant landscapes and beautiful white farmhouses with red barns gave me that feeling that I was now heading west. It was a beautiful sunny day with perfect cirrocumulus on the sky. To my personal surprise, I saw alot of wind turbines along the way.

Soon after we left Chicago I went to the Observer Car to get some work done. The Oberserver Car is generally much brigther due to larger windows, and you have actual tables to work on more comfortably. We arrived in Galesburg for a short stop, but enough time to get a Selfie with the sign. Otto had spent a night in the waiting room on benches because he missed a train. A little bit later, we crossed the wide Mississippi river.

Apart from experiencing distance and landscapes much differently than seen from an airplane or car, trainrides are great because you meet alot of people! I was lucky that I had great company next to me, Sandy from Kansas City, which I had some good talks and laughts with. But you can also meet people that you would never meet on an airplane, and surely not in a car, such as the Amish. I was very fortunate to meet a great Amish family from Missouri who invited me on a once in a lifetime experience.

We arrived in Kansas City at night in a wonderful and huge trainstation, I called it a “cathedral” of a train station. However, the trainstation is a relict of the past. Only a few traintracks serve the station, the massive building houses alot of other businesses and entertainment services today. Then, my host Carolin, the sister of my school friend from Germany (we graduated in 2007) picked me up.

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