Boundary Waters

As long as I had told my friend Bill about my visit to the US, he talked about taking me on a wilderness trip. So here I had arrived in Minneapolis, and after some last minute shopping (I needed water shoes which I was very happy to have on the trip) we drove north.

In Ely we rented the canoe and drove another half an hour to enter Mudro Lake. A few meters after the parking lot we lost the cars from our sight and entered the wilderness. We launched the canoe with all our supplies for the next few days and paddled towards an outdoor adventure.

After a few portages we reached our destination: Fourtown Lake. We paddled to the north side of it to find a camp site away from most of the other campers, but only one campground was available. We set up our camp and went swimming in the wonderful fresh water! After collecting some firewood we started cooking dinner and enjoyed the sunset and the rise of the full moon. Unfortunately, that’s when the calmness was gone due to an invasion of mosquitos attacking us. We basically stayed in the tent for the rest of the evening and night. When a storm hit we hoped the mosquitos were gone, but on the contary, the looked for shelter under our tent. The storm was pretty bad with strong winds, lighting and thunder. Out tent was almost blown over several times, but we did not know yet how bad the storm really was. That we realized during the next few days when we not only saw the damage everywhere of fallen trees but also heard that two people got killed in that very same storm.

The next day we moved camp to a better site, higher up and more exposed to the wind in the hope for less mosquitos. For the rest of the day, we did nothing but eat, swim, suntein, sleep and look for firewood for dinner. This was pretty much the course of things for the next 3 days, only interrupted by two excursions to Boot Lake and Horse Lake. The boundary waters are not only an exceptionally beautiful place, but they are incredibly calming and a source of rejuvenating.

The day we left, the weather had changed and we left the lakes on a cloudy day, greeted goodbye from three bald eagles. When we got back to the parking lot, our parked truck was hit by a tree in the front, but we were still able to drive. During the departure from the wilderness, we saw how whole forest areas destroyed by the heavy storm of the first night. The moment we were in reach of cellphone service, we both got a text message from our friend Katie (in Denver), who was the only person that had been worried about us in the storm. We laughed alot and were happy that at least someone had been worried about us.

We drove back to Minneapolis with a stop at Lake Superior (which seems like an ocean) and had some delicious fish on the way.

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