Arrival in Bozeman

I had met the wonderful Joal and Harlan at the Victorian Ball where they had offered me a ride to Bozeman on sunday night. After exploring Virginia City for the day I met them in the late afternoon for the final part of my journey. The two were still in their historic costumes when we left, so the only not authentic piece of the ensemble was the motor in the car.

So we left Virginia City with the direction Bozeman.

I had expected the arrival to be emotional, but I was in tears about half way during the ride. Not only did I recognize the landscapes from Otto’s diary, but Joal and Harlan showed my the old trails which were visible from the highway quite well. We then took a detour off the highway and actually rode on a part of the old trail. Just were my great-great-grandfather had passed by 135 years ago. And just a little bit later, we drove by Red Bluff, a stagecoach station where Otto ate and slept on his return in February 1882. It was so spectacular, it is hard to put it into words.

Finally, at 10 ½ in the evening, we arrive in Bozeman, the final destination of my travels. From New York until here I had covered a distance of about 3200 miles or 5150 kilometers, while the distance from the English harbor Southampton to New York is only 3100 miles.  

The moment I saw the “Welcome to Bozeman” sign was simply incredible. We stopped at the sign and I had to walk up to it and touch it with my shaking hands to realize that I had made it. I was here. In Bozeman. 3.5 years after I had the idea to “one day” visit the city. I could not believe it. My host Mike called me and ask if we were lost, but I just cried into the telephone and said I was was having a moment at the “Welcome to Bozeman” sign.

Shortly after, we arrived at his house and one of so many random moments during this trip occured. I expected to meet Mike, and he expected to meet me. However, three people and a dog ran around the yard when we arrived, Tammy and the neighbour – and they certainly did not expect three people in historic costumes to be arriving. Great moment!

So now I was in Bozeman, Montana!


5 thoughts on “Arrival in Bozeman

  1. Ursula Howland says:

    It brought tears to my eyes too! Thank you for the post. And I am honored to have met you in person.

    1. Sibylle says:

      Thank you Ursula for everything! It was so great to meet you!

  2. Gesa says:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Ankunft in Bozeman! Es macht sehr viel Freude, deinen Blog zu lesen! Eine spannene Mission, auf der du da bist! Liebe Grüße, Gesa

    1. Sibylle says:

      Vielen Lieben Dank Gesa!

  3. Ingrid Witzig says:

    Hallo Sibylle
    Oma Gunda und Tante Ingrid sitzen bei Feigenkuchen auf der Terrasse und lesen fasziniert die Neuigkeiten aus deinem Leben. Oma Gunda ist total begeistert,besonders über den großen Umschlag mit den Original _Dokumenten und Zeitungsartikeln. Wahnsinn!!!
    Wir denken jeden Tag an dich und wuenschen dir weiterhin nur gute schöne und phantastische Erlebnisse mit all den Menschen,die du triffst.Pass gut auf dich auf…
    Ganz besondere Grüße von Oma an die Familie Randoll, (die ich aber nochmal extra kontakten werde

    Liebe Grüße senden dir
    Gunda und Ingrid mit Harald
    Ganz liebe Grüße senden dir
    Gunda und Ingrid samt Harald

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