1881: Moving to the Kopp Family

The next day, Sunday, December 18th, the young woman celebrated her birthday. Very early I’m headed into town where I bought silver cutlery and half a dozen teaspoons as a birthday present for Mrs. Gottschalk. In the company of the Kopp Family and Mrs. Spieth I drive back to the farm. The brewer, as well as Rudolph Wolferts visit in the afternoon with a present.  Therefore, the birthday took place in a merry circle of friends.

Monday morning, Gottschalk harnessed the sleigh. We all go into town. The brewer had invited us for lunch. We spent the afternoon with Kopp. We make arrangements for me to move into his house within the next week, in order to work in his business. After I spent another few days on the farm where I paint the bedroom in which I hung the wallpaper, I drive into town in the company of my brother and the Gottschalk Family on December 22nd in order to move in with Kopp. His house is located off Main Street and consists of only two rooms: kitchen and bedroom, but no hallway. There is a staircase leading from the kitchen to the attic which is located above the two rooms. My bed is put up there. The storefront of Kopp’s business is located on Main Street. It is a butcher shop that has some working rooms in the back. The slaughterhouse, however, is located about half an hour away, on the way to the farm.

translated by Julia Strehlau-Jacobs

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