1881: 19 bear hides

The following Sunday, it was November 27th, the Kopp Family and their one-year old son are visiting the farm along with Rudolph Wolferts. Soon after also the brewer Spieth with his family arrive, so that the living room can hardly accommodate all the visitors.

The next days I alternate between work in the tannery and in the house. On December 1st, I go into town with the Farmer, where I earn a tanner pay of 17 Dollars for two bear hides and one lion hide. The next day we receive some news: Colonel Picket, along with two men and eight horses had returned from a three-month long hunting trip for bears; and he paid us a visit. He is a tall, scraggy appearance with a long white full-beard and an interesting and energetic facial expression. He brought home no less than 19 bear hides, which my brother is supposed to tan now. A special appreciation, yes it arouses admiration, the achievements of the old bear hunter, when he shot seventeen bears with only one shot. His two companions were merely operating as chefs or rather as packers.

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